About Camelback Paving Inc


About Camelback Paving, Inc.

Camelback Paving has decades of experience and a reputation for professionalism and quality under our belt. Camelback Paving wants to succeed on your next asphalt paving or maintenance project. We remain the leader in SEALCOATING -ASPHALT PAVING-ASPHALT MAINTENANCE of driveways & parking lots.

After 30 years in the business we have seen it all and there is no problem area in the paving/asphalt realm for which we don't have an answer. Like everything else, the paving business is not what it once was. New innovations and technology have improved the product and the way it is done. Camelback is on the cutting edge of these innovations. Our Business has shaped and molded itself in the decades that we have been in the paving contracting business. Camelback takes pride in our workmanship & integrity! Also specializing in commercial Paving, regardless of your projects size. Our philosophy is to approach each project with a foundation of strong design aesthetics, functionality by staying true to this philosophy. We have built a strong reputation for success!

As We Grow

Camelback Paving continues to thrive and grow continually everyday. As our company grows, our services that we offer grow with it. From modest beginnings, we have grown to the premier paving contractors in the Phoenix region. We got to where we are now with a quality job and product and with superior client satisfaction.

We are the complete asphalt and parking lot specialist! Our professional staff remains to using the best materials available to produce long-lasting and affordable asphalt paving services. SERVING PHOENIX ARIZONA - OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE

- CAMELBACK PAVING, the shortest distance between two points is under construction.- David Zukerman
About Camelback Paving Inc



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