Asphalt Sealcoating Services in Phoenix Arizona


Commercial Asphalt Sealcoating In Phoenix, AZ

After three decades, we know a bit about sealcoating. Our reputation for professionalism and quality of work is something that we are very proud of. As the leader in asphalt sealcoating, Camelback Paving wants to handle your next project. It doesn't matter whether it is a driveway, city street or parking lot, or just a simple walkway, we bring the same level of expertise and quality workmanship to large and small jobs. The Seal Coating is a protective surface layer that coats the asphalt and then protects, beautifies and adds longevity to your asphalt investment with a minimal expense. Sealcoating is provides the maximum effect in maintenance. It is a clay-stabilized, mineral filled emulsion modified with tire rubber. It is the maximum in the way of maintenance that one can do for your asphalt investment.

Most parking lots, city streets and driveways suffer from distressed cracking due to contractions/expansions of flexible asphalt due to heat. Add daily traffic use, water seeping in from rain or sprinklers, aging process, therefore pavement deteriorates. Camelback Paving, recommends thorough cleaning by a high power blower and wire brush brooms to remove caked on soils and oils. We have truck mounted vacuums and brooms for that specific purpose so it can be done quickly and thoroughly with maximum efficiency. A hot rubber crack seal is applied before sealcoating for greatest effectiveness. We will work on weekends for the convenience of your customers and for you to retain revenue. Call Camelback Paving for your competitive quote.


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Asphalt Sealcoating Services in Phoenix Arizona



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