Slurry Seal in Phoenix Arizona


Commercial Pavement Slurry Seal In Phoenix, AZ

At Camelback Paving we can provide a slurry seal for your paving project. Slurry is an emulsified asphalt, crushed rock and cement mixed and applied with specialized equipment to form a thick, tough, durable mixture fills the cracks, seals against damaging moisture, and hides other repair work. Resurfacing with slurry mix on top of your asphalt furnishes an attractive, skid resistant finish which lasts from three to five years. (Depending on weather conditions)

Asphalt emusions serve as a binder. It holds together the crushed aggregate and adheres the slurry seal to the old surface. We have various emulsions and aggregates available to meet each condition, specification, and requirements of your individual project.

If you're looking to extend the life of your older pavement (assuming it is still structurally sound), then a slurry seal job can step up your protection and get you 3 to 5 years of additional use.

In preparation for the slurry seal, Camelback will conduct any pavement repair that the job requires and then sweeps the surface to remove debris and any vegetation so the slurry coat does it job and bonds the pavement. The slurry is poured onto the existing pavement with a special truck where it is spread and smoothed for an even surface. Once the slurry has cured, your site is ready for striping or painting.

The slurry seal product is a high quality pavement surface treatment that can be used for parking lots, shopping mall pavement, city streets and other high traffic areas. Slurry seal replenishes the pavement with a durable surface that lasts years.

Slurry Seal in Phoenix Arizona



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